KeyStub: A Passive RFID-based Keypad Interface Using Resonant Stubs
NeuroRadar: A Neuromorphic Radar Sensor for Low-Power IoT Systems
Metasight: High-Resolution NLoS Radar with Efficient Metasurface Encoding
UniScatter: a Metamaterial Backscatter Tag for Wideband Joint Communication and Radar Sensing
SLNet: A Spectrogram Learning Neural Network for Deep Wireless Sensing
MilliMirror: 3D Printed Reflecting Surface for Millimeter-Wave Coverage Expansion
3D Point Cloud Generation with Millimeter-Wave Radar
RoS: Passive Smart Surface for Roadside-to-Vehicle Communication
Widar3.0: Zero-Effort Cross-Domain Gesture Recognition with Wi-Fi
AIRCODE: Hidden Screen-Camera Communication on an Invisible and Inaudible Dual Channel
M-Cube: A Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Software Radio
Passenger Demand Prediction with Cellular Footprints
iVR: Integrated Vision and Radio Localization with Zero Human Effort
Zero-Effort Cross-Domain Gesture Recognition with Wi-Fi
Enabling Phased Array Signal Processing for Mobile WiFi Devices
Widar2.0: Passive Human Tracking with a Single Wi-Fi Link
Acousticcardiogram: Monitoring Heartbeats using Acoustic Signals on Smart Devices
Enabling Contactless Detection of Moving Humans with Dynamic Speeds Using CSI
Widar: Decimeter-Level Passive Tracking via Velocity Monitoring with Commodity Wi-Fi
Inferring Motion Direction using Commodity Wi-Fi for Interactive Exergames
Tuning by Turning: Enabling Phased Array Signal Processing for WiFi with Inertial Sensors
PhaseU: Real-time LOS Identification with WiFi
PADS: Passive Detection of Moving Targets with Dynamic Speed using PHY Layer Information